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The “English for Academic Purposes” (EAP) program is specifically designed for international students who aspire to improve their academic English language skills.

This program is a unique approach to language learning, specifically targeting the academic language required for success in college or university.


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Why Study Academic English with Oxford International?

If you’re an international student planning to study in Canada, our English for Academic Purposes program offers the perfect pathway into our diploma programs, colleges, and universities. Taught by highly skilled teachers with extensive expertise in English instruction, the EAP program at Oxford International in Vancouver, focuses on a broad spectrum of study skills, tailored to ensure academic success.

Here are three key points regarding our EAP program and its integral IELTS preparation course:

Expertise in teaching English

The EAP program is taught by seasoned educators who excel in English language instruction. They provide personalized training for students, enhancing their language skills in a supportive, academically rigorous environment.

Scholarships for our programs

Enrolling in our EAP course can make you eligible for scholarships, easing the financial burden of studying in Vancouver, Canada.

Pathway to higher education in Canada

By joining our English for Academic Purposes program, you get a stepping stone to further your studies. The program offers you a valuable chance to improve your academic English while experiencing life in vibrant Vancouver.

Our EAP Programs from students’ eyes


Hundreds of international students have benefited from our EAP program in Vancouver.

Here are some of their experiences:

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Key Factors About English for Academic Purposes

Through careful educational assessment, we ensure each student’s progress in the EAP course. Our Vancouver-based program includes an emphasis on research, essay writing, speed reading, and even the art of brainstorming.

The program offers a balance of academic English language instruction and practical experience. It delves deep into critical aspects like vocabulary enhancement, linguistic stress understanding, and other academic language requirements. This is done to help students navigate the academic challenges they will face in their future studies, preparing them for success.


What is the main aim of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program?

The EAP program is aimed at improving the academic English language skills of international students. It focuses on writing, reading, research, and conversation skills required for academic success.

Will the EAP course help me with IELTS preparation?

Yes, our EAP course at Oxford International includes an IELTS preparation component, aiming to improve your performance in the exam.

How is the educational assessment conducted in the EAP program?

The educational assessment is performed through regular exams and the evaluation of essays and research projects.

Can I improve my conversation skills in English through the EAP program?

Yes, our EAP program includes training in conversation skills, ensuring you are able to communicate effectively in an academic setting.

How does the EAP program assist with university admission in Vancouver, Canada?

Our EAP program is designed as a pathway into higher education in Canada, preparing you for the academic rigors of studying at a university or college.