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So glad that you are here! We, Oxford International, are established 30+ years ago, just to have impeccable momentum in the global education industry! 

Our journey began in the UK and expanded our horizon to USA and Canada. All we want is to provide the best education to students who have a dream to succeed in their careers.

Here is how we have been a positive impact on our students life!  

international students at summer camps in Vancouver


We build relationships through trust, honesty and respect.


We put our students and their goals at the heart of everything we do

Creativity & Innovation

We are not afraid to be different and we celebrate innovation. Oh, and we believe that a SMILE goes a long way…

Our Vision

Excellence in vocational education and English language training in Canada. Wider horizons for all.

Oxford International

Our Mission

Oxford International Career College is committed to improving life chances for students who take part in our programs, and who join us from inside the Canadian border, and from other countries across the world. We aim to provide high-quality vocational education, relevant work placements and improved career opportunities for a diverse community of learners, delivered by experienced and inspirational academic professionals.