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Halifax is becoming one of the most preferred destinations for international students to study in Canada. From certificate programs to English courses and pathway opportunities, Halifax’s education scene is broad and welcoming.

The Best Location to Study in Halifax

Our Location in Halifax

Students will find our distinct Oxford International College campus in Halifax, a prestigious beacon of education in Canada. This downtown Halifax location immerses you in the throbbing heartbeat of the city, where every captivating moment pulsates with energy and learning.

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    Why Choose Halifax to Study?

    Halifax is a city that truly values education. With numerous colleges and universities, the city exudes an intellectual energy that is truly invigorating. 

    Halifax is a city steeped in history and culture, which adds a whole new dimension to the student experience. Exploring the city, you’ll come across historical sites, art galleries, music festivals, and diverse cuisines.

    Various immigration programs specialized for graduated international students in Halifax are providing different opportunities to get a work permit in Canada.

      • Access the technology and entrepreneurship with many opportunities in Halifax
      • Programs with unique immigration path to permanent residency in Canada
      • Learn with rich cultural experience to boost your career

      Type of Programs to Study in Halifax

      When you consider Halifax for your education, you are stepping into a city that offers a wealth of educational opportunities. Halifax provides diverse educational programs for domestic and international students such as certificate programs, English courses, TESOL programs and more.

      1. Popular Certificate Programs in Halifax

      Our certificate programs in Halifax are designed to prepare students for the job market in Canada and beyond. Whether your interest lies in computer science, health services, or business management, our certificate and diploma programs have it all.

      The most sought-after certificate program in Halifax:

      • Healthcare certification
      studying in Halifax for international students
      english course student activities in Vancouver

      2. Popular English Courses in Halifax

      In addition to certificate programs, international students often opt for English courses in Halifax. We offer high-quality language programs, helping international students enhance their English proficiency.

      Check our different English Courses below to find the most suitable program for yourself.

      • English Courses for adult students (ESL)
      • Summer Camps in Halifax
      • IELTS Preparation
      • English Programs for Junior Students
      • Year-round groups for English learning

      Costs of Studying in Halifax

      Tuition fees in Halifax vary between universities and colleges. Generally, fees for international students are higher than for domestic students. However, the quality of education that universities and colleges in Halifax provide justifies the cost.

      Check the estimated cost of education in Canada for international students.

      Education in Halifax
      Average Tuition Fees
      Language schools
      $200 - $400 / a week
      $4,000 - $15,000 / a year
      $15,000 - $20,000 / a year

      * Tuition fees may vary for each school in Halifax


      1. How is the weather in Halifax?

      Winter (December to February):

      Average Highs: Around 0°C to -1°C (32°F to 30°F).
      Average Lows: Around -8°C to -6°C (18°F to 21°F).
      Snow is not uncommon during the winter months, and the city might experience occasional snowstorms. However, the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean can sometimes lead to more mixed precipitation events, including rain.

      Spring (March to May):

      Average Highs: 4°C in March, gradually warming up to 14°C by May (39°F to 57°F).
      Average Lows: -3°C in March, warming up to 4°C by May (27°F to 39°F).
      Spring can be a mix of rain and occasional late snowfalls. It’s a transitional period where the city starts to see more prolonged daylight and milder temperatures.

      Summer (June to August):

      Average Highs: 19°C to 23°C (66°F to 73°F).
      Average Lows: 11°C to 14°C (52°F to 57°F).
      Summers in Halifax are relatively mild, with July usually being the warmest month. It’s not excessively hot, but there might be occasional heatwaves. Fog can also be an occurrence, given the city’s proximity to the ocean.

      Fall (September to November):

      Average Highs: Starting from around 18°C in September, cooling to 9°C by November (64°F to 48°F).
      Average Lows: Starting from 10°C in September, cooling to 2°C by November (50°F to 36°F).
      Fall is marked by cooler temperatures and a beautiful display of autumn foliage. It’s also the season where Halifax might be affected by the tail-end of hurricanes or tropical storms, resulting in heavy rainfalls.

      2. What support services are available for international students in Halifax?

      Halifax is home to several universities like Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, and others. These institutions have offices or centers dedicated to international students. They provide services such as orientation sessions, advising on visa and immigration matters, cultural integration events, and language support. Moreover, the community is welcoming, and there are many local organizations that aim to help international newcomers settle in.

      3. Is Halifax a good location to come as a student to study?

      Halifax is a beautiful student city with a rich cultural scene and a diverse community. It offers a good balance of city life with the charm of East Coast hospitality. With its waterfront, historic sites, and music scene, there’s plenty for students to explore. Plus, the city’s size makes it easy to get around, and it offers a more intimate experience compared to larger urban centers in Canada.

      4. How safe is Halifax for international students?

      Halifax is relatively safe, especially when compared to many larger cities. Like any place, it’s essential to exercise common sense and be aware of your surroundings, especially late at night. Most Haligonians are friendly and helpful, and the universities here work hard to ensure the safety and well-being of their students, including international ones.